Board of Directors

Mr. Mohamed Ebrahim Mohamed Ahmadi


With one basic idea- to build an organization deeply committed to values, in the firm belief that success in business would eventually but inevitably follow. Unflinching commitment to values continues to remain at the core of MAC. Board of Directors strongly believes that ordinary people are capable of extra ordinary things when organized in to highly charged teams and takes keen personal interest in developing leaders and teams.

Mr. Baby Mathew

Managing Director

It is evident that there is a need to continually evolve and adapt as the market changes. At the same time, it is evident some things will never change. We will always hold cherished its core and inherited values of integrity, honesty, quality and family, as these are the driving blocks of the past and future.

Mr. Ebrahim Mohamed Ahmadi


Consultants are empowered with the final authority and flexibility to deal with each client’s requirements. Commitment to sustainability continues to underpin all efforts and while I’m proud of the progress we have made in our environmental, social and economic performance, the expectations we and others have for continuous improvement mean we still have plenty of work to do.